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    CAO VIET CUONG Company are oficial distributor of Fluidwell (Netherlands) in Vietnam.

    Fluidwell - Accurate Liquid Management
    The company
    Fluidwell is a Dutch company located in the South of the Netherlands, with affiliated companies in Naarden (Netherlands) and United Kingdom.
    The company is structured in two business units: "Fluidwell - Accurate Liquid Management" and "ProcessMonitor - Remote Location Surveillance". The companies are specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic products and services for the process industry. Both business units are aligned with the specific applications and users of the products but share common pools of technology and infrastructure. This arrangement allows the best possible customer and application focus with the most effective collective contribution to the overall strength and productivity of the company. The companies are represented throughout the world by factory appointed distributors and representatives.
    Our activities
    Since 1993, we have established a name in innovative and original contributions to the development of flowcomputers, flowrate / totalisers, batch controllers, indicators and monitoring systems. High performance standard products, optimal solutions for specific customer applications and OEM solutions for safe and hazardous area applications in chemical, petroleum and food industry is what we offer. Most of our products are ATEX and IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas.
    Under the "Accurate Liquid Management" banner, the signal processing and control instruments and systems manufactured by Fluidwell assist operators with clear information and user-friendly operation, serve the control room of industrial production plants with reliable and accurate process data and communication possibilities.
    The original Fluidwell product line consisted mostly of batch controllers for high speed filling up to truck loading. However, by continuously following the requirements of our customers and with the progress of technology, the product lines have grown to wide range of application specific indicators for flow, level, pressure and temperature and unique flowcomputers.
    Our experience and know-how in flow measurement applications, together with the use of modern electronics and software, allows us to maintain our excellent and long reputation as a competent partner in solving diverse and difficult measurement problems.
    We work closely together with our distributors and manufacturers of instrumentation, our OEM's. This has resulted in a wide and flexible product matrix of standard products with an extensive range of options. You simply order what you want and not more, this to keep your costs down. If however we do not offer the product you are looking for, we are very much willing to see if we can fulfill your requirement. This will result into an improved standard product or feature or lead to a fully new product which will benefit all our customers. It is this flexibility and fast response that makes us competitive and an interesting partner to work together with.
    Product development
    Fluidwell's main activity is product development with a focus on continuous product improvement and the design of physically new products for our OEM's and distribution network. We develop new features and products even when the customer does not (yet) require these. It allows us to respond quickly to customers requests. Our cooperation with the OEM's is very close: they are fully involved in the product specification both technically as well as commercially. The result is customer satisfaction and a successful long-term relationship.
    Product assembly
    Closely related to product development is the assembly of the products. Some parts of the assembly process are outsourced, but only to those suppliers who fulfill our quality standards. The end-assembly however is our expertise: the product flexibility and the hazardous area applications do require strict assembly procedures, full functional tests and verification. Beyond this, a well educated and involved staff does realize short delivery times which is also of importance.
    Fluidwell is a fully ISO9001-2008 certified company without any excluded departments. Our workshop is also ATEX and IECEx certified for the production of intrinsically safe products.
    Our continuous product improvement together with our product assembly systems, including robotics and automated test and calibration facilities, have resulted in a high reliability. However, problems that do effect the quality of the product or assembly process are immediately analyzed and fed back to product development. This process does result in a continuous cycle of product improvement and reduction of possible errors. This to the benefit of our customers and Fluidwell.


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